Emanuele Porcinai (MSc) is a Berlin-based acoustic engineer and musician working in the field of room acoustics, with a focus on studio and performance space design. He is currently PhD Candidate and Research Associate for the DFG-Funded Research Project ‘Room Acoustics and Music Performance: New Predictors for Acoustical Conditions on Stage’ at Technische Universität, Berlin. He obtained a Master of Science in Environmental Acoustics from the University of Salford in 2018 with a master thesis in perception of reverberation.
The focus of his work and interests is room acoustics, psychoacoustics, and how these relate to human interactions and perception of music – the performance and compositional aspects of it.

He has toured internationally and released records as a solo composer and performer, as well as on a number of collaborative projects.

The focus of his work is in room acoustics – mainly studio and performance space design, grounded in psychoacoustics. His practice also includes electroacoustics / musical acoustics and experimental DSP applications for music composition and the sound arts.

More info about his work as a musician: emanueleporcinai.com